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“There is a light bulb in Livermore, California - the Centennial Light. The light bulb has been burning for more than 100 years. Solid.... Amazing.
(You can visit the light bulb at http://www.centennialbulb.org.)

The Centennial light bulb is an exception. Light bulbs are not expected to illuminate for more than a given amount of time, often less than a year.
If you’ve ever bought a light bulb, you know and accept this fact. You don’t operate under the assumption that just because some bulb in Livermore has
glowed happily for more than a century, you will see the same performance from the light bulbs you buy at Home Depot. That would be ridiculous. Even so,
most people expect their computers to behave flawlessly from the moment they come out of the box to some mythical PC death date several years hence.

The ugly truth:
There is no such thing as, nor will there ever be, any computer that runs flawlessly for any length of time.
No, only the Centennial Light owns the market on electronic longevity. Computers? They crash. That’s reality.

[Source: Dan Gookin. Troubleshooting Your PC For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech)). (For Dummies, 2005). Page 8.]
Is your computer slow? Many factors contribute to a computer’s overall speed. Often, this is caused by things like spyware, a fragmented hard drive, unnecessary startup applications, and even a damaged system registry. We can tune up your computer so that it runs at least as fast as it used to again, and maybe even faster!

Does your computer do “funny things” that it shouldn’t? If you’ve owned your computer for a while, chances are you may get error messages when you turn on the computer, usually referring to software you used to use but have since uninstalled. Other “funny things” can be equally frustrating when you’re trying to get something done on your computer. We can fix these problems for you, and often speed up your computer in the process.

Do advertisement windows pop-up frequently when you try to visit your favorite websites? Most people think that having virus protection on their computer is all that they need to stay safe and avoid unwanted problems that can come from the Internet. What they don’t know is that, while their virus detection software keeps dangerous viruses away, it doesn’t keep advertisements, known as spyware, away. Spyware is harmless but annoying and, even if you have a pop-up blocker, spyware can slow your computer down dramatically. And if you don’t regularly run spyware detection software, you likely have a lot of it on your computer. We can help you remove all spyware from your computer and recommend software that can keep it from returning.

When you go to certain websites, do you see errors telling you that the computer can’t display the content because something isn’t installed? Many popular websites today use web tools like Java, Flash, Adobe Reader, and QuickTime. In order to see the content, you need to first have these tools installed on your computer. We can install them for you. 

Are you looking to buy a new computer or laptop? Buying a computer can be a fairly daunting task for both a seasoned expert and a novice, as well as everyone in between. Let us handle following the technology trends and knowing other tricks of the trade for you. We can help you pick a computer that is reliable, won’t need to be replaced soon, contains all of the proper components and peripherals, and fits nicely into your budget.

Are you searching for some new hardware (scanner, printer, monitor, digital camera, flash drive, etc.) and need some help picking the right one? We can help you decide which of the numerous choices is right for you and your needs.  

Do you need help finding the right software to help you get what you want from your computer? We can help you pick from the many software packages available to help you get the very most out of your computer. In many cases, you may even have the software you need already installed on your computer, and you don’t even know it’s there. Before you spend the money, check with us first.

Do you already own a computer gadget or software package and don’t know how to use it? If so, you’re in good company. We can give you everything from a few pointers to a personalized training session to get you comfortable with the gadgets and software you own.

Heaven-Sent Computer Services will gladly send a representative to your home or business in any of these areas:
  • Grand Coulee, WA
  • Electric City, WA
  • Coulee Dam, WA
  • Elmer City, WA
  • Nespelem, WA
  • Omak, WA
  • Wilbur, WA
  • Coulee City, WA
  • Almira, WA
  • Hartline, WA

If you live in other areas and need our assistance, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your technical service needs.

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    Heaven-Sent Computer Services provides on-site technical support and advice for desktop and laptop computers
    in the greater Grand Coulee, WA area. We specialize in speeding up slow computers, removing viruses and spyware,
    and answering your technical questions in simple English.

    Contact launi@heavensentcomp.com or 509-631-4311 with any questions regarding this site or the
    technical support services provided by Heaven-Sent Computer Services.